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How I Feed Myself…..

Just a little something I through together last minute for a late dinner for myself & always trying new experiments with food. Oven roasted Chicken Cordon Bleu over organic micro green salad, with a chicken Au Jus salad dressing and homemade buffalo sauce to add a little spice which is my favorite. The chicken was stuffed with black forest ham and Welsh oak aged cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack cheese. I hope that these kind of posts and pictures are enticing your taste buds to want a new food challenges in your lives, from improving meals at home to impressing [...]

My Willing Taste Testers!

My wonderful Sister and Brother in-law had a meal owed to them, so with pleasure I got to try new dishes out on them and I really enjoyed the positive feedback. I love my family so much and they have helped me so much in the past, they have always been there for me. Now to finally get the pleasure to bring joy to them and return my services, they we're served a two course meal that included, poached chicken with a peanut Au Jus and poached yoke to act as a dressing for the micro greens salad along with pan [...]

Private Chef for Hire!

An Intimate Dinner for Four I had the pleasure of cooking for some old friends one of which was having a birthday and they just wanted to experience fine dinning with elegance. I was so happy when they told me they "felt like kings and queens" and it was a honor and a privilege to serve them with a great meal. After all, that is what makes it all worth while.....the enjoyment of making folks happy with my food. Now down to the good part, for tonight's dinner! To start with, Ciabatta baguette bruschetta with fire roasted tomato marinara, fresh roma tomatoes, bella mushrooms [...]

Cooking Lessons for the Neighbors

I had a couple into my home for the cooking lessons. They were excited to improve their weekly meals. I really enjoyed getting to entertain them and in the future they get to come together as a family to have something they love to do as one. The meal was Mango shrimp Ceviche as opening starter, then for the main coarse was pan seared lemon curry chia seed Tilapia over long grain lemon jasmine rice topped with mint cilantro and seasoned to perfection.
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